Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the business hours for foreign currency remittance transactions conducted via Personal Online Banking?
Q: What are the amounts and currencies restrictions for foreign currency exchange transfer?
Q: How does the Bank charge the remittance fee for foreign currency remittance services via Personal Online Banking?
Q: Are there any restrictions on the purposes of foreign currency remittance via Personal Online Banking?
Q: After customers visiting the branch to correct the designated foreign currency remittance information, when will the updated data be available online? Will the information be synchronized for schedule
Q: How do customers obtain remittance receipts after conducting foreign currency remittances via Personal Online Banking?
Q: What if the foreign currency remittance transaction is rejected by the beneficiary bank?
Q: Does Personal Online Banking provide rapid remittance (USD, HKD, and EUR only) between Taiwan, China and Hong Kong?
Q: Can I proceed Customer Investment Profile on Personal Online Banking?
Q: What are the benefits of using the Personal Online Banking Service?
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