Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the services available at SC Mobile?
Q: After I have applied for Online Banking, can I purchase mutual fund products on the Online Banking?
Q: I want to subscribe for mutual funds on Online Banking but would like to check the fund products’ net values and handling fees in advance. Where can I find the information?
Q: I have subscribed for RSP mutual fund products but would like to change the amount of the investments. Is such service available on Online Banking?
Q: Which kinds of mutual fund transactions are available on Online Banking?
Q: I am a Standard Chartered Bank customer with deposit and loan accounts. I also hold a Standard Chartered Bank credit card. Can I set up Alerts via Online Banking? If Yes, how do I set this up
Q: What are the business hours for RMB standing instruction on the Online Banking?
Q: How do customers use foreign currency remittance services via Online Banking?
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