Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: After customers visiting the branch to correct the designated foreign currency remittance information, when will the updated data be available online? Will the information be synchronized for schedule
Q: Can I subscribe for all the mutual funds on Online Banking?
Q: Can the verification account be changed? What are the requirements for the change?
Q: Transaction Tips
Q: Why does am I logged out of the system when I refresh my web page and given the system message "Repeated login. Please close the browser and log in 10 minutes later"? What should I do?
Q: How should I apply for “TWD non-designated transfers” service?
Q: Do I need to do online “activation settings”? What are the requirements for that?
Q: When can I start to use the Online Banking Service after my application is submitted?
Q: When applying foreign currency remittance, why does the Bank suggest customers to provide mobile phone number and email address on the application form?
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