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Deposit CategoryIndividual ClientsNon-profit
Overseas Chinese, Foreigners and Mainland China Area Investors

(Only Applicable to Wholesale Banking Clients)

Floating Rates (%)
Savings Account0.12500.12500.12500.00
Security Account0.00500.0050
Current Savings Account0.12500.1250
Payroll Account0.2700
Strategic Payroll Account0.3100
Do Dream Savings AccountFirst-tier Annual Interest Rate
(30 days and under)
Second-tier Annual Interest Rate
(31 days and above)
Star Savers Account0.1250
Super Demand Deposit Account (SDDA)0 ~ 2,999,9990.1250
3,000,000 ~ 9,999,9990.1500
10,000,000 ~ 19,999,9990.1500
20,000,000 ~ 29,999,9990.1500
Just One AccountSavings Account annual interest rate0.1250
1st tier Preferential rate0.3000
2nd tier Preferential rate0.4500
3rd tier Preferential rate0.6000


* Terms and Conditions: The above time deposit and time deposit savings account interest rate applicable to individual accounts only. The time deposit interest rate for corporate clients, institutions and other non-individual accounts, please contact SCB branches or dial SME Service Hotline 4051-0088 (for mobile: 02-4051-0088).
*The interest rates of ALMA (Asset Liability Management Accounts) are equivalent to the interest rates of current savings accounts.
* Interest rates of the TWD time deposits made on Personal Online Banking outside business hours are pursuant to the board rates issued during the business hours on the same day. If the transactions are conducted on a non-business day, the interest rates applied are pursuant to the TWD time deposit board rates on the previous business day, ie. the abovementioned board rates issued by the Bank.
*The interest rates here are only indicative. Please refer to the board rates shown at the branches.
*No interest would be paid if the savings account balance is, TWD 10,000 or below.
*The minimum deposit for TWD time deposit accounts is TWD 10,000.
* The large amount threshold of TWD Time Deposit accounts is TWD 5,000,000. The time deposit will follow large amount interest rate if the time deposit ticket is over TWD 5,000,000.
* The Bank only offers fixed rates to the time deposits. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
* Please refer to Disclosure of Required Information for more details about the interest calculation of TWD deposits and loans for corporate clients.

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